Sitting back on a recliner, reading some new age novel and sipping some iced tea while the children play. Dreamland.

Parenthood is more like feeling trapped in and endless cycle of negative thinking and struggles. Repeating the same argument and challenges while children scream over not being able to put the cap back on the toothpaste. Many times, we are even regretting the words we say to our children.

Let's be honest, the only person you talk to more than your kids, is yourself. How you speak to you is absolutely important to your mental health. I help you transform your inner voice.

Even more striking is that how you speak to your children then becomes THEIR inner voice. Think about those words we regret saying to them.

It doesn't have to be this way.  

I help families transform their days from an endless cycle of drudgery to an opportunity to experience profound growth and transformation.

If this sounds like something you want, I can help.

I am available for single consultations to help you determine where in your parenthood you need to illicit change to be the parent you finally want to be. Because it's possible. 



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Transform Your Parenthood


Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.