How can we raise children when often we feel broken ourselves?Stuck in a pattern of habits, drowning in the frustrations and overwhelming feeling of having to be perfect, questioning our choices… There is a way back to acting BRAVELY in the direction of our INTUITIVE nature.

I help parents CONNECT with themselves again and take back their ability to CREATE their own reality. 

Parenthood can feel like you're trapped in and endless cycle of negative thinking and struggles. Repeating the same argument and challenges while children scream over not being able to put the cap back on the toothpaste. Many times regretting the words we say to our children.

You don't have to live in self-doubt or suffering and you can create a HARMONIOUS household and life you LOVE. It begins with you and the thoughts you are feeding yourself on a daily basis. 

This in turn reflects on how you speak to your children and that then becomes THEIR inner voice. You are BUILDING your child, one thought at a time, and you can NURTURE your own inner child, one thought at a time. 

If this sounds like something you want, I can HELP. 
I SUPPORT families in transforming their days from an endless cycle of drudgery to an opportunity to experience profound GROWTH and TRANSFORMATION.

BOOK your consultation today. Because a family life you love is possible.


Transform Your Parenthood


How we relate to children is a mirror of how we relate to ourselves.
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Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.


I believe every child will benefit from learning how to nurture their personal confidence and deserves the gift of setting boundaries and learning to defend themselves at a young age.

Kip and the Magical Belt is the heartwarming journey of a young boy having difficulty at school. Lacking courage and the tools he needs to defend himself, he gets targeted by the school bully. Kip finds the help he needs in the most unexpected family heirloom, and with hard work and discipline, he builds his physical skills and confidence. Kip and the Magical Beltwill leave you wondering if the magic is really in the belt or in yourself. The book includes a detailed page that supports parents in their pursuit of anti-bullying information. This information and the story, together, help children and parents learn techniques and life changing principles that can improve how your family understands and prevents unwanted situations.