"You spoke about communication and being an emotional container for people you care about. As a man, I've always felt this need to offer advice and fix people's problems. After beginning to implement some of the things you taught, I felt more comfortable in my role of the emotional container, non-judgmental listener, and behavior modeler, as opposed to an emotional Mr. Fix it. It has drastically improved the interactions I've had with people who confide in me with very sensitive issues because they feel like their thoughts and feelings matter as opposed to feeling like something they did or said was just wrong. It has even improved my relationship with my toddler because when he has an emotional outburst or is having a hard time, I now use the same techniques with him and it's infinitely more effective for connecting us as a team and creating a strong bond, as opposed to driving a wedge between us when I would just try to tell him to calm down or distract him with something else. It even gave me permission to, and encouraged me, to seek help for myself when I need it, which was something I was previously afraid of doing and hadn't realized how much I needed. I can't thank you enough for giving us these tools." 


As a new mom, I felt extremely overwhelmed with the multitude of resources and various opinions available on every little thing such as using pacifiers to choosing the right stroller to you name it! As the stack of baby books to read quickly piled up, I started desperately searching for other options that would help me find my answers faster. As I was reaching out to experienced moms who had already been there and done that - and more importantly moms that I felt I shared similar values with and looked up to in one way or another... I was lucky enough to have a good friend connect me to Victoria. Within 60 minutes of my very first consultation with My Kind of Mama, I finally had many of my un-answered questions finally answered. Victoria followed up our call with an email detailing what we discussed and providing further resources and references incase I needed more details. What I really love about Victoria is that although I'm sure she has her own preferences and opinions, I never felt that she was imposing any of them on me. She never makes me feel like I'm being judged which is one of the reasons I love speaking with her candidly and heeding her advice. She also does a great job of providing unbiased feedback by often times mentioning more than one school of thought to help me make a more educated decision. Needless to say, Victoria has quickly become so much more than a mentor as she's part of my growth as a mother and my baby girl's development in this world. She holds a very, very, very special place with our family.
I could go on and on forever but if I had to sum up what My Kind Of Mama means to me in just a few words, it would be this: if you want to be the best possible mama to your child but don't have the time or interest to do all the reading/research that goes into making sure you are making well-informed, educated, refreshing & inspiring choices daily for yourself, your family and child, then you have found your answer through Victoria. Her natural affinity for studying the art of parenting has turned a passion into a great resource for all of us mamas. I consult her regularly and know I will do so for the rest of my life... To pay it forward, I have also connected her with many close friends who have needed some guidance or some positive energy in the nonstop demands of us mamas!"


With all the information you’ve given us, my husband now asks, “What would Victoria do?”


“I have had the opportunity to consult with Victoria on a number of occasions about navigating my 2-year-old’s and 6-year-old’s behaviors in a way that feels authentic to me and our family, fosters their independence and growth, and also sets age-appropriate limits. She has always been able to offer concrete advice and provide the conceptual framework behind the advice, as well as help me understand any “power struggles” from my kids’ perspective.
I’m always struck with what hard work raising children is – even “easy” children. As a working mother, it is extremely important that my time with my children is not filled with conflict. It’s equally important to me that I raise good, autonomous, empathetic adults. Therefore, “peace at any cost” (aka “giving in to their every whim”) is not a viable option! Children are naturally going to test limits, and Victoria has shown me the way to engage my kids on their level and set boundaries in a way that does not exacerbate conflict but still gets the job done. 
In every conversation I’ve had with Victoria, I’ve never felt judged, or even like she was telling me what to do. It felt more like a collaboration – as it should be; they’re my children, after all! She has helped foster my own sense of competence and autonomy as a mother and empowered me to “keep calm and carry on.” I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and support. I will definitely continue to consult with Victoria – she is my kind of Mama!”


When I embarked on my pregnancy journey, I never realized how overwhelming all the decision making could be. With so much information, I was happy I had Victoria to help navigate through the crazy emotions and hormones of pregnancy and really focus on what was important for me and my family. Having her by my side during that time left me feeling empowered and supported.


“I’ve gotten from you in one hour than I have in hours of therapy! And you’re more affordable!”

joel, Architect - maui, hawaii  

During time spent with (my kind of mama) founder Victoria Gracie and her husband Ryron I was able to ask them questions and also observe how they are with there children and since being home I've applied many of those same principals with my kids and am now having amazing results with they're behavior and eating habits. Thank you so much Victoria and Ryron.


Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.