How to Heal in Motherhood (And Beyond)

People expect a quick fix when things happen. The want to heal and they want to heal now. Or the want instant change. Sorry to burst a bubble, while taking steps to a better situation are huge progress, the biggest factor is time. You need it because you are deprogramming old habits and mindsets and creating new ones. This is imperative for a long lasting change. Time can heal everything.

Imagine you are cut and bleeding and trying to put a bandaid on and want to let it heal, but then get cut again, and again, and again. This is how triggers work. They will continue to affect you until you’ve taken the time to live without them and do the heavy work to heal and then come back and face those triggers again. I am not telling you to run from adversity. I am telling you to get yourself together first before taking on things that take you down.

You can’t change what you don’t know is a problem or even exists. Identifying and bringing awareness to problems in your life will give you the insight and want to change them for the better. Awareness also facilitates your ability to make a change while a habit continues to persist in your life. Bring awareness to the habit, make and effort to change after you’re aware that you keep repeating the same thing.

EFFORT (Reprogram)
Make an effort to change. Go the extra moment to try and take that effort. Reprogramming your life is the constant effort of doing something different, of having a different response, of creating a life you want rather than continuing to live in what was. 

Bring compassion back into existence. Suffering in any realm usually stems from the lack of compassion… for the those around you and for yourself. It’s forgetting that we all have a narrative and stories that made us who we are and that we are all probably suffering from something that needs healing as well. Not saying this is an excuse from anyone to treat you poorly, but you may take it less personal when you have compassion for where they may be coming from.

Pour it all over you. Imagine this world in abundance, that we have endless supply of all the things and moments that fill you with joy. Relish in your uniqueness and know that you were made from love and exist in love and thrive with love. And if you can’t find it anywhere else in the world, create it within yourself. Give yourself the love you so freely give to others.

I welcome you to please comment on ways you've found healing or where you struggle in case me or a reader can assist!

~Victoria Gracie~