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The Perfect Sign to Post on Your Door Once the New Baby Arrives

Congratulations! You're expecting a new arrival to your family. 

The socially norms of what to do when a baby arrives and how to act during a visit are so vastly different for every culture and family. But when our baby arrived, I was grateful that my midwives posted a sign for us that highlighted the treatment and care they felt that a new mother and family deserves.


I added some mama love and possibly more boundaries and drafted one for your personal use here... Download My Welcome For New Baby PDF  
New sibling being born... this one should do ;) 
Download My Welcome New Sibling PDF

If you wanted editable versions in Word you can find them here:
Download My Welcome New Baby WORD
Download My Welcome New Sibling WORD

Feel free to download and modify as you need, but all in all try to remember that this is a sensitive time for you and your family and that you have every right to set kind boundaries and limits, regardless if your family members like that you set them. Remind them they can set whatever boundaries they wish when they've extracted a human from their body. Cheers!

Victoria Gracie


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