MKOM Family Guide to Travel

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MKOM Family Guide to Travel


A traveling family's essential guide to the packing, planning and maintaining the family sanity. This has every secret I've used in my 10 plus years of traveling and guides you through every moment. Make your travel EASY and ENJOYABLE with this essential guide. It includes printable worksheets for how and what to pack, how to nourish the emotions through stressful times and breakdowns on how to approach every situation of travel. 

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This guide contains:
- A printable packing list suitable for the whole family with numbers to track what you've brought.
- Techniques to handle the many emotions you'll encounter during difficult and tiring times.
- Secrets to packing effectively and even fitting and entire family of four in one bag!
- Considerations to help you decide whether or not to bring the stroller or car seat.
- Support and guidance to make travel simpler and happier for everyone.
- Workbook pages to help you navigate how to handle the difference in your family's personalities and expectations.
- Invaluable tips on supporting your children in new sleep environments.
- And more!